Phase 1 — Initial Trader Punks Drop

The first step for Trader Punks is to release the initial drop of collectible NFTs. The first drop will be a collection of 21 NFTs. The floor of the first collectibles is incredibly low at 0.01 ETH.

Phase 2 — Community Welcoming

When all first drop Trader Punks NFTs have sold out the community will be crafted and all current holders of Trader Punks will be added to their new home! Trader Punks from this point on will act as an access pass to the community.

Phase 3 — Punk Drop 2

In phase 3 an additional 29 Trader Punks will be minted. Every Trader Punk is a hand designed 1 of 1 exclusive so the next 29 Punks will be completely different to the initial 21 Punks. This will open up 29 new access passes to allow the community to grow.

Phase 4 — New Traders

Phase 4 of the roadmap includes bringing along some new full-time traders for the ride! I plan to introduce some new partners to the Trader Punks community to offer their experienced views on cryptocurrencies, forex, NFT & stock investments/trading to bolster the value provided for the Trader Punk community.

Phase 5 — Punk Drop 3

The third drop will be the biggest yet! Adding 50 new 1/1 Punks to the collection. From here the community will continue to grow + prosper, adding new drops & new partners along the way.



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Trader Punks

Trader Punks

Trader Punks bring a little piece of the trading world into the NFT metaverse!