Hello & welcome to The Trader Punks blog! Trader Punks is a collection of NFTs with a roadmap plan to build a community around the Trader Punks brand.

Trader Punks are the creation of myself — James. I am a full time currency trader who has also made some nice longer-term gains inside the cryptocurrency markets on the likes of XRP & VET, ETH & LTC. The Trader Punk community aims to give a home to traders & crypto/NFT enthusiasts as this can be a lonely career! I want to build a community of like minded digital visionaries to talk about their moves within each of these markets.

In the next blog we will talk about the Trader Punks roadmap! I hope you will be joining us for the ride.



Trader Punks

Trader Punks bring a little piece of the trading world into the NFT metaverse!